WebShield Website Security & Management

Is the protection of  your company image worth $139 a month?Web-Shield-final-logo2

Today we rely heavily on the Internet and our website as an direct extension of our business. In most cases, business owners have a sizable financial investment in that website. Yet, most business owners do not have any type of security insurance in place to protect that company image or investment.

Introducing “WebShield” protection for your website.

What is WebShield?

WebShield is a website based security and management monitoring service plan. In most cases, failure or hacker intrusions are directly related to the website side itself not the server side of the hosting. You can protect your site by using a service like WebShield. WebShield is a website based protection service.

You may seriously want to consider our WebShield Management Service. Think of WebShield as an insurance policy and maintenance plan all in one. Hackers are working around the clock creating new ways to break into your technology, shouldn’t you be doing the same to protect yourself? Now you can with WebShield. Guard against being hacked  through the website directly or website failures.

Example: With no back up plan, just one incident can cost you hundreds of dollars to recover, if not thousands.

Benefits of WebShield

99.99% up time by avoiding hacker down time
Anti email Phishing
Anti Comment Spam filtering
All inclusive site protection and management
Regular website backup program
Wordpress platform, Plugin updating and compatibility

Included in Plan

Annual hosting included
Anti Comment Spam filtering
Full site and database regular back up
Update all plugin’s and ensure plugin compatibility
Up-time site monitoring service
Google analytics installed (if not already)
Update platform (WordPress) as needed
Minor site fixes and tweaks included ( not user inflicted)*
Full site restore service (if needed $250 value)
Install security and anti-hacking protection
Optimize website for speed and load times
SEO evaluation and 12 point site marketing evaluation

Free Website Security Analysis

To get started or learn more about how WebShield can start protecting your website investment and intellecual property, Contact Craig Elliott at (855) 246-2400 ext 11 or email craig@storeventuresonline.com