PPC Campaigns


Pay-Per-Click Campaign Maintenance – iMedia Group provides management services for monitoring and maintaining the management of PPC (Pay-Per-Click)) marketing campaigns in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook.

Store Ventures Online’s technicians will address the following:

a. Proper Campaign Structure – Setup or adjust all campaigns and Ad Groups for easy tracking and management.

b. Optimization of Settings – Adjust the primary account settings and the best variables for tuning each campaign.

c. Keyword Selection – Use of best practices for selecting, evaluating and terminating keywords.

d. Ad Writing – Use of best practices for writing, evaluating and terminating ads.

e. Landing Pages – Page review and Client consultation regarding the importance of landing pages on conversion, evaluation of current pages and how they affect results.

f. Traffic and Conversion Tracking – Installation of tracking software such as Google Analytics and monthly monitoring of results.

g. Quality Ratings – Examine each Ad Group quality rating and identify ways for improving quality score value.

Monthly PPC campaigns do not require the signing of a contract; however, Store Ventures Online recommends that Clients be willing to commit to a campaign for a minimum of 2 months in order to allow the project time to achieve progress in overall results.

Your Store Ventures Online project manager will assist you to determine a PPC budget and strategy that produces positive “Return On Investment” results. Management of PPC campaigns are billed at $449 for the first $3,500 in “monthly advertising spend” (approximately $100 per day) and at 10% of the monthly advertising spend thereafter.


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