Morgin’s Soap Works

Our introduction to Store Ventures Online and Craig Elliott was by pure accident on our part but we believe we were brought to him by divine intervention.  Craig was exactly who we needed to help get our business off the ground.  He and his team made this process so easy to get done.  Something we […]

Shooting Stars

For selling online, nothing beats video. According to comScore, professionally produced video increases consumer preference for a product by nearly 25 percent. The keywords here are “professionally produced.” All to often, companies produce lackluster videos with bad lighting, poor sound, and monotonous delivery, then wonder why consumers run to higher-quality content. The reason is simple: […]

SMS Business Promotions

Tell us how SMS/Texting has helped increase your business.

How to develop an independent restaurant marketing budget?

In order to be successful in today’s economy a restaurateur must have a significant budget to offset advertising costs. Gone are the days of word of mouth. If you do not advertise, your clients will forget you and go elsewhere. This is an especially competitive time for restauranteurs.  Restaurants are opening, and CLOSING everyday. Here […]

My Website

A business organization I belong referred to Mr. Elliott and Store Ventures Online for a new web-site. After getting a general idea of what I wanted, he showed me a number of styles to choose from and within about 10 days or so the site was live! The process was easy, completed on time and […]